Android: Connection exception on my Android device

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello team,

I am using an Android device and trying to integrate Heap Analytics with my project. I am getting this error message " Failed to connect to" every time I try to connect.

Note: I am able to log the events using emulator and other devices.


2022-08-04 12:08:22.668 8576-23264/ W/Heap: Error connecting to Failed to connect to
2022-08-04 12:08:22.669 8576-23264/ W/Heap: Batch request failed due to following exception: Failed to connect to


Device Details:

Device name: OnePlus 7 Pro

Android version: 11

Build number: Oxygen OS 11 0.9.1.GM21AA


Can you please help me with this?


Thank you,

Aanal Shah

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