Has anyone had experience with the Zapier integration?

  • 18 May 2022
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Hey Heap Community! We’re in the midst of planning and trying to resource for a data lake solution like Snowflake or BigQuery, but it’s at least a few hires away and a few months off. I’ve been looking into other solutions in the short -term to join Heap data with some of our other data sources and came across the Zapier integration that could work for what we’re trying to do. I’m curious if anyone has used it before, if you’ve seen success with it or if there’s another integration that could automate a flow of data from Heap! Thanks!

3 replies

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Hey @rmpadgett — great question. The Zapier integration is super useful for sending key events into other systems to trigger actions or store them alongside other data (e.g. if someone signs up for your service or purchases an item), but it’s not a substitute for proper ETL to Snowflake or BigQuery via Heap Connect.

(Note: Zapier has integrations to write rows into BigQuery but not Snowflake. I’ve done Heap > Google Sheets > database before so it’s certainly possible.)

To get data out of Heap into Zapier you’ll need webhooks enabled for your account. You should contact your Customer Success Manager or to get started!

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@jonathan are webhooks not available in the free tier?

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For future free-tier generations who read this thread:

The (truly great) Heap support team followed up and enabled the Webhooks feature for me.

It’s a beta feature “with no current timetable for full release, and as such is unsupported for full troubleshooting assistance”, so they also sent the password to a restricted support article.