Is there any API to get data in heap?

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi, is there a way to get heap data using APIs?

like a API to return the page views of each page, we want to use these data in our application.

(I saw some documents about heap connect, but we cannot use those data warehouses)







Best answer by Daniel 6 August 2022, 01:33

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Hi @Aimee, Daniel from the solutions team here! At present, no, all of our client and server side APIs are purpose built for the enrichment of your Heap dataset and cannot be used to export data. The Heap Connect feature you alluded to is indeed our primary method of enabling you to export your data out of Heap and into a Data Warehouse like BigQuery, Redshift, or Snowflake for further analysis. Understand this doesn’t fit your requirement, but let us know if you’d be interested to learn more or if you have any questions!