Can Heap User ID be used across different platforms?

  • 10 April 2023
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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would happen to know if Heap User ID remains the same for every user between website and application?


For example,

  1. Joe uses an iPhone to view our website (Heap generates a random User ID)
  1. Joe then downloads our application on the same device (Heap generates a random User ID again or uses the previously assigned User ID?)

Best answer by ALabs l AzmaSyed 11 April 2023, 09:46

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2 replies


Hi Jouva,

User IDs in Heap do not remain constant across devices and platforms.

It means that if Joe is using a browser on his iPhone to view your website, Heap will assign him a unique User ID. 

Now, if Joe downloads your application on the same device (his iPhone), Heap will assign him a different User ID.

Furthermore, if Joe uses a constant device and browser (Safari on his Mac) but clears the cookies each time he visits your website, Heap will assign him a new User ID each time.

To put simply, Heap uses cookies based on device and browser to assign User IDs. 

To resolve this, you can use Identify API to tie user interactions across devices and platforms. Please refer to the user guide provided here:

I hope this resolves your query.

Thanks & Regards,

ALabs | Azma Syed

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Thank you for your reply! And yes I was able to confirm this by looking up my Heap ID through Users and Sessions