Defining Past Event on Dynamic Page

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi! We have a fairly dynamic Home Page. Think of during Prime Day and how their website transforms just for a day/week.

We did our version of Prime Day last month and trying to see if we could retrospectively analyze using heap other than Page Views. Any chance we could efine or retrieve Clicks or any other non-snapshot, events on the existing page, but after the elements are gone?

Guess they’re autocaptured and stored somewhere on Heap anyway but we just don’t know how to retrieve?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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2 replies

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Hey there! Since Heap autocaptures all pageviews, clicks, changes, and form submissions the historical data from the prime week is there! Here’s a few ideas for how to analyze this data and approach this:

First idea

Create a general event like this click event on the homepage (a personal event in your account, double-check the homepage is correct!) and graph it for the target date range:

  • Watch some sessions to see what some people were doing on the homepage
  • Back in analysis, you can group this analysis by some autocaptured properties to gain further context on what these clicks were related to:

    • Target text - the text within the elements people were clicking on

    • Href - we capture the URL if a person clicks on a link

    • Data Attribute: data-nclick-name - this defined property provides some data and looks like some context on what the clicks are related to!

    • Target ID and Target Class - a bit more technical and may require knowing which CSS IDs and classnames are related to which elements on the homepage, but it can provide further context on what was clicked

  • Consider comparing data to a previous date range if you’re interested in analyzing any trends from the different homepage versions. This works for this event because it is so generally defined, so adding a groupby will be helpful.


Second idea

If you are interested in tracking specific interactions from last month’s homepage, I recommend checking internally to see if you can load the old version on a staging or dev version of your site. You can then use the visual labeler in Heap on your staging page to define events for these specific interactions (ex: a new CTA button). Once you’ve defined the events in your dev environment they will appear in your production environment in the same Heap project and can be used to analyze your production data! Using these events, you can build your own reports/dashboards or watch more specific replays of these actions!

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Thank you Nora for the suggestion! We got to try the first method. There were some other short comings, yet, we could retrieve some data from before (just need to find ways to structure them bettter). Thank you for the help!