Events not showing across environments

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Hello! What could be the reason why i cannot see events across other environments?

Two cases for this:

  1. custom event defined by the Front End, i defined it in staging but cannot see it in Production.
  2. 50 custom events defined by Front End, defined in Dev, can see some of them (15) in staging, cannot see them in production. 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi! That’s a great question. The answer is most likely the same in both cases. Unlike defined events, custom events only appear in an environment once they occur at least once in that environment. So the most likely reason that these events don’t yet appear in Production is because they haven’t yet been triggered in Production.

As soon as those events occur for the first time in Production, you’ll see them appear in your Definitions and they’ll become available for analysis!

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thanks for the answer! that explains it.