How to track custom properties in firefox private mode?

  • 25 April 2022
  • 2 replies


Currently extra added properties are being track in every browser even in incognito mode, 

but when it comes to Firefox, in private mode custom properties are not being tracked with the event, is there any way to track these custom properties in private mode of Firefox?

2 replies

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Hi @riddhi_2412 ,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve escalated your question to the Heap Support team. They’ll investigate and follow up with you.



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Popping in to clarify that there’s no general problem here with tracking custom properties in Firefox private mode (nor Safari private mode, nor Chrome incognito mode). Properties added to track events via heap.track, properties added to all events via heap.addEventProperties, and properties captured via Snapshots all work. 

What may not work is if code is written to capture data from objects that are blocked by stricter tracking rules that may be in place in those modes. One such example is Google Optimize (as your support ticket expanded upon). Heap’s integration code reads from the google_optimize object. When GO is loaded via GTM in a Firefox private window, it is blocked by Firefox’s strict enhanced tracking protection. The solution to this is to load GO directly in the head of your site. This should enable the object to get created, and allow Heap to read the experiment data as expected.