"Identity" not appearing as a property in Definitions even after being set.

  • 22 September 2022
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We have a funnel that traverses two domains. Our goal is to track user traffic across those domains to get a complete picture of user engagement. Since our visitors will always have an email address, and that email address is always passed via query string from one domain to the other, email is an ideal candidate to use as an identifier. We parse the query string to get the email and then assign that value to the heap object via the identify function: heap.identify(email); This same logic is performed on the second domain. Code for both is included via GTM.

I was expecting “Identity” to display in User Properties in Definitions, but it does not. Is there something more we need to do? The documentation mentions using heap.identity, but that seems to be a basic get function that returns, in our case, the email address we set using heap.identify(). What are we missing?

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