Users falling into different mutually exclusive segments

  • 28 February 2023
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I am trying to define mutually exclusive segments but there are people falling into both. How is this possible? Hopefully the screenshots provide enough context. You can see identity 16912 fell into both ‘Neither’ and ‘Drug Search only’, even though based on my understanding of the event definitions, they should be in only 1 segment


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2 replies

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Hi @Riomanty,  

I believe you are seeing this result because of the combination of at any time filters in your segment definitions with the in the past 90 days filter in your report.  This combination will be evaluated as whether “a condition is true at any point in time during the past 90 days”.  During the beginning of the 90-day time frame, user 16912 had a period of time where they had done neither of the events.  Then at some point towards the end of the 90-day timeframe, 16912 generated a Drug Search event. So 16912 went from “Neither” to “Drug Search” during the 90-day window. 

One possible solution is to change your report date filter to Today.  This will give you a summary of users who fall into each of your 4 segments as of a single point in time.

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GlennS you rock. I clearly have some more reading to do on how date range works