Using self defined segments to define other segments

  • 1 May 2022
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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the product :)

I would like to define some segments using already defined other segments. (for instance to exclude a defined list of users, without actually type them each time).

Also how can I use an already defined property in order to define other property?

Thanks a lot!


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Hey @Lironp — Currently we don’t support using Segments inside Segments or Defined Properties inside Defined Properties. 

For the Segment, the example you provide is probably best solved by using the included in file filter to relatively quickly exclude a list of users without retyping them over and over.

Other use cases would probably need to have the behavioral logic recreated. I’d be curious to hear more about your specific situation if you want to share. 

Same question for the Defined Properties use case: we commonly are asked about using Defined Properties in Defined Events but less so in properties. Would love to hear more specifics!