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  • 10 March 2022
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As you contribute in the community, you’re rewarded with badges and rank promotions that identify you as a Heap professional. It’s your engagement in the community that makes this a valuable place for others to learn about Heap and how to excel as data and product professionals. I’ve included an overview of the ranks and badges below and the activities that help you achieve them.


How to earn badges and move up the ranks


Recognition is given to community member for their contributions and engagement within the Heap Community. Here are the activities that lead to the awarding of badges and rank promotion:


Replies Participating in discussions and responding to questions will give you points for replies.
Topics Creating new topics and asking new questions demonstrates your ability to share new ideas with other members.
Answers Other members and moderators can mark your responses to questions as correct.
Likes Given / Received Recognizing the contributions of others is important in every community.




New Member Everyone that joins the community is assigned the rank of New Member. Contribute questions, participate in discussions and like content to advance in the ranks.
New Participant You’ll receive the rank of New Participant after replying to your first discussion and liking posts by others.
Known Participant The Known Participant rank is given to community members that not only participate in exiting topics, but has also started to initiate new discussions and questions in the community.
Frequent Participant Frequent Participants are reliable sources for other members, replying to others, and recognizing others
Inspiring In addition to participating in discussions, initiating their own discussions and recognizing great content contributions in the community, Inspiring members provide correct answers to other members’ questions.
Brainy The Brainy rank is assigned to the all-around great community members. Starting discussions, asking and answering questions, recognizing the contributions of others and being present in the community on a regular basis.
Genius You’re the guru. You know your stuff and you share it with others and you help other community members achieve great things. You’ve done all the contributions in the other ranks and your stellar professionalism has taken you to the highest level.



Founding Member


This badge is offered to Heap professionals that helped build the community from the start, creating a place for data and product professionals to share ideas and excel.


There are multiple Contributor badges to recognize your discussion and question contributions to the community.


There are multiple Responder badges that indicate that you have Heap knowledge and expertise that you share with others.
Super Responder


For those that go above and beyond, there’s the Super Responder. Members with this badge have demonstrated that they’re willing to jump in and help solve problems. 


Special Ranks

Heap Champion


The Heap Champions are an elite group of our most advanced Heap users and brand ambassadors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership. Learn more here.
Heap Partner


The Heap Partner Network (HPN) is a community of best-in-class technology vendors and solutions providers working to leverage advanced product insights to drive value for our mutual clients. Learn more here.

Heap Employee

All Heap employees are assigned this rank so you can easily identify employees in the community. Interested in joining Heap?





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