Use Heap with incognito window

  • 16 September 2022
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We implemented heap in our platform (that uses Javscript) and everything works ok!

However, if I open an incognito window, Heap doesn't track the user interaction. Is like the user isn't there. How can I solve that?

3 replies

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Hey @DavidTG - this question sparked some curiosity for me so I did some additional digging. Long story short, incognito on Chrome blocks third party cookies by default… thus no Heap. For internal testing, it looks like you can adjust your chrome incognito settings to allow third party cookies (go to chrome://settings/cookies in your chrome browser), but for folks just browsing in incognito in the wild that won’t work. Hope that’s helpful! 

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Yes I tested with Chrome and it works. I was testing with Brave Browser, which is basically Chrome + Blocking components, so it got total sense that didn't work. So i can't do nothing against that! :)  

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Hey @DavidTG - quick small correction! One of our awesome team members reached out to clarify: 

Heap tracking code uses first-party cookies. This means that Heap users will be tracked in Incognito Chrome windows (even if they block third-party cookies), unless they have installed an external content blocker (e.g an ad blocker). They may, however, have problems loading the Visual Labeling tool if they block third-party cookies.Brave is an entirely different kettle of fish as it has a lot of content blockers built-in.

Even those of us on the education side get to learn more every day!