Ever struggled with Heap? Opportunity to vent it out...

  • 13 September 2022
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Greetings, Heap Community!


I’m Piper and I work on our Scaled Adoption team here at Heap. If you’ve been to any HUG meetings lately, you might have seen me floatin’ around :) 


I’m looking to chat with some current Heap users about any moments of struggle or frustration during your implementation and adoption of Heap. These moments could be with the platform itself or with the roll out to your team or really any aspect of your journey thus far.


While we strive to make every moment of your partnership with us a dream, we know that can’t always be the case. I work on a team dedicated to getting as many users as possible closer to their dream Heap experience, and hearing insight directly from all of YOU is often the best way to help us in our mission. 

If you’ve got something on your mind and would be willing to spend 30 (or 15! or 5! Every second counts!) minutes chatting with me, throw a comment below! I’ll get in touch to schedule a time that works best for you. 


THANK YOU in advance for taking this opportunity to share your experiences with me and my Heap team.



3 replies

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Pick ME!!!!!!!! I have all the feedback and I love doing these types of chats. LOL!

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YAY Thank you @ShonaB!! Writing you down, I’ll probably reach out next week to get something scheduled :) 

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Yay @ShonaB - glad to see you here in community! @Piper Browne - get ready for some awesome feedback.