Analyzing product listing pages

  • 26 February 2022
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Hello! We've done some analysis on our product listing pages and interesting found that conversion rate correlates with sessions with more product impressions -  we hypothesize that user with high intent is more likely to take the time to make the right choice and so naturally will have a high number of products and thus have a good conversion rate. However, to truly understand this we need to AB test different size of the same product listing page but we think that the products will also have an impact and of course we can normalise this to an extent but even still it will be to difficult to strip out the impact of the extra skus in the longer grids.

Has anyone here come across this problem or done similar testing? If so would love to hear your approach!

1 reply


Confounders are always so tricky in A/B testing 🙃 

One thing I’ve done (with varying success) is to try to limit enrollment as opposed to trying to normalize later. So in this case, maybe something like only enroll them in the experience if their grid will have between x and y # of products shown. 

Curious how this is going! I’m always looking for ideas to make A/B tests better.