Evaluating Help Option Usage

  • 25 February 2022
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Something that I am currently working on is looking into the usage of our "Help" options. I have always used funnels - one of my favorite features of Heap, but I have been playing around with the new Effort Analysis option. It is interesting to evaluate the number of interactions between users entering the "Help" option screen, vs them getting to what they wanted to see.

As we are in the process of changing that screen, this will be useful in figuring out what needs to be more prioritized.

What application interactions are others comparing? 

1 reply

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I also use funnels to measure where users went after clicking our Help options. When you say “getting to what they wanted to see” what does that usually entail? 

From my analysis, the most common paths in docs is: land on the docs homepage > click search bar (about 1/3 of docs visitors do this as their first action) > search something > click a search result > sometimes browse more docs. So I keep track of the steps of this funnel to ensure our search is performing well. Though there are other paths users take too, like reaching out to support.