Getting clients to change their habits and move from old UI to new UI

  • 25 February 2022
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Our company, a B2B SaaS company but with heavy UI usage by low expertise users, recently migrated off our legacy UI. It has been a long and tedious process to get clients to change their habits and move over to our new UI. This month we decided to start leveraging the Funnel as well as Paths functionality to analyze how some specific clients use our platform. This allowed us to identify use cases that we had left out of our initial thinking of the new UI and is making us reconsider some of the assumptions made in the release. We'll definitely continue to use this feature as we further develop the new UI in order to be as efficient as possible for as many use cases as possible!


How do you ensure your UI matches up with your users’ expectations?

1 reply

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This is such a powerful use case for Heap - changing customer HABITS. It’s gold! Thank you @marsan!