Problem with Launch visual labeling for iOS Event Visualizer for iOS in Stage: cannot connect phone (Scan this QR code says No usable data found)

  • 23 September 2022
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we are about to launch new Mobile app (not in Apple store yet, but on TestFlight pointed to our Stage env). I need to create analytics and want to use Visualizer. Did following steps:

  1. Logged into my App via Apple phone to make sure it is active
  2. Open page “Launch visual labeling for iOS”, tried to scan QR code  to pair my device with HEAP
  3. Scanning gave me an error -   No usable data 

There is also instruction (You can also use the legacy pairing gesture...)  that i did not get how it works. 

Any suggestions what to do and how i can connect my device? 


Thank you in advance 


3 replies

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Hi @Yana-HEAP - Thanks for your question. Based on the docs, it sounds like the legacy gesture pairing is appropriate for an app under development. 

Tell me a bit more about the issues you encountered when you tried the pairing via gesture and I’ll investigate. 

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Hi @davetee thank you very much for your reply. Our app is React-Native (maybe it is a reason for glitches that i see) and yes it is not in prod yet. So i was using Option 2 (from the doc you sent). Using 4 fingers. It worked once, then stoped and for 30 min i am trying to pair it again - successfully. 

Using iPhone 11 Pro Max, 15.6.1 version. 

Would you give any advice or help? 


Hi @Yana-HEAP - you can try the four finger gesture using assistive touch, it’s much easier and works every time. Here’s a screen recording of how, hope this helps 😀