Active User Metric Computed From Average of Timespan

  • 22 September 2022
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i want to generate a DAU metric card, but not based on a single day -- e.g., today or yesterday -- but on an average of DAUs over a specific timespan -- e.g., last 7 days.

something like the following formula: Average(DAU1, DAU2, … DAU7)

if i graph DAU with Date Range = “Last 7 Days” and Grouped By = “Day” and format as “Table”, the aggregating metric (far-right) is Average.  this value is exactly what i want, but i want the value displayed via a Metric Card; unfortunately, the metric card, in this case, will only be the DAU value from the previous (or current?) day.

while this is a specific use case i describe, more generally i wanted to analyze unique counts and run those through an aggregation formula -- in this example, Average -- for display as in a Metric Card.

Note: i want this metric card as an element in a Heap dashboard.  i recognize i could output a CSV of the results, and compute the Average elsewhere, but that is not feasible for my broader usage.

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