Alternative to AddEventProperties to use heap inside IFRAME - SANDBOX (Iframe Sandbox doesnot allow writing to cookies)

  • 29 November 2022
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Is there any other alternative to addEventProperties API where in I can avoid the use of cookies

In my application i have an iframe - sandbox, and sandbox doesn't allows writing cookies.
hence i am looking an alternative to addEventProperties API which will not use cookies to store data.


Best answer by Brian W 9 December 2022, 17:05

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Hi Maria! Unfortunately, most of Heap’s core functions require the use of cookies. If your implementation prevents writing cookies entirely, none of your user or session data will persist page-to-page. You can still autocapture events and send custom events via the heap.track API (heap will still load on each page it’s installed), but there will be no capability to track any consistent data across pages as Heap uses cookies to manage session and user persistence. This is not a use case we’d recommend as a good fit for Heap, as even with our base autocapture functionality working we won’t be able to provide you any real analysis of user activity across different pages of your iFrame and your session counts will be extremely high. Sorry we can’t be of more help here!