Bug: Heap breaks Rails/Hotwire


This was asked 7 months ago but there’s no updates in the thread.

Our site uses Hotwire/Rails 7.  When Heap is installed, it’s doing something to the click handlers and breaking the Hotwire lib.  This causes Rails to malfunction.

Symptoms include

1 - full page loads instead of hotwire loads;

2 - Because the click handler is sometimes broken, when clicking on links in `turbo_frame` s, the results load in a new page instead of replacing the nearest enclosing `turbo_frame`

I’m using the suggested Heap code w/ no changes to insert Heap’s js into the site.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Happy to share more technical detail.

I’m not a js developer, so I haven’t debugged it deeply, but I can toggle loading the Heap js on and off and the bugs come and go.  I hand tested with over 1000 repro attempts.


Thanks in advance.

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