Create a report for last page of session?

  • 28 April 2023
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I’m trying to find out where folks exit my site. I don’t especially care if it’s because they close the browser or their session time “expires.” 


I just want to know the thing they stopped on when they quit engaging with the site.


The Landing Page event will tell me the first page of a session. What is the equivalent for an exit page?


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The metrics to know the last page of the session is not possible in Heap UI. However, you can use Heap’s feature Heap Connect to get Heap’s data in your data warehouse and run query over it to get the last pages of the sessions.
You may use the following query to get the last pageviews path and the number of session in which they are last:

SELECT path, COUNT(*) AS last_count
SELECT path, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY session_id ORDER BY time DESC) AS row_num
FROM pageview
) AS subquery
WHERE row_num = 1
ORDER BY last_count DESC;

Using Heap connect you can do a lot of down stream analysis by creating a 360 degree view of your customers by connecting data from multipe tools. Find some of the business question you can answer using Heap connect here.

To know more about Heap connect use this link.

Hope this answer helps you.😊