Export data from Heap

  • 21 April 2022
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Hi everybody!

I’m quite new to heap so this is probably a very basic question but important for us :-)

What’s the easiest way to export data from heap?

Thanks so much



5 replies

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Hi Jero,

Welcome to the community! It’s a great question. All the apps in a tech stack need to exchange data to help us identify patterns and improve the customer experience.

Heap Connect -  Enables you to send data to data warehouses including BigQuery, Redshift, S3 and Snowflake.

Heap Integrations - There are a variety of pre-built Heap integrations with CRM, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, Email, ETL, and many other business applications.

Does that answer your question? If not, let me know what use case you’d like to address and we can discuss further.




thanks for your answers. Export data connecting through Zappier is free?



Hi Jero,

That’s right. Exporting data through Zapier uses our webhooks functionality, which is currently in beta. You can reach out to your customer success manager or to enable this beta feature.

Hey had a follow up to the original question, is it possible to connect to 2 different Snowflake warehouses using Heap connect or can we only connect one ? 


You can connect to one Snowflake warehouse (or account) per Heap environment