Feature request: Add ability hide certain events by default in path and top events views

  • 19 June 2022
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In a way, heap is designed for us to create as many events as possible to unleash the power of detailed and broad analytics at the same time. more so, some reports are made difficult or impossible unless you start with a predefined event. 

The unfortunate thing however is that you discover lots of events start to pollute views like the paths view and the top events in conversion funnels. 
This then works against the these views discourages you ironically from creating too many events.

Many times we need extra events to slice and dice and View Data a certain way, and want those available for reports. However I don’t want those by default shown in things like the user session explorers in path views because it’s just extra noise.

for example, we’ve got an event called “Any Click” that we define to add snapshots to capture certain properties such as the values of data attributes  by defining this on a common event like this allows it to be available everywhere without risk of the event being deleted down the road. Hat tip to Heap for suggesting this to us way back when we were first onboarding  

however it’s pretty useless to always see “View Page” or “Any Click” events in user session explorer or paths views.  It takes away from other events you do want to see with more meaning and context  


so the request is to allow us to specify which events should be hidden by default in those views so everyone in the organization can benefit with less noisy views by default  





1 reply

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@Trevin Great notes, I’ve shared it with our product team. A couple follow ups. 

  1. When you exclude events in Users view they should stay excluded. Click on the event, and then in the event properties popup, click the eye. 
  2. You can do the same thing in Paths (the eye icon is there too) but they don’t stay excluded across all Paths reports. They do stay excluded in the report, though. 
  3. Top Events in conversion funnels don’t use defined events but you will see all events captured otherwise you’ll be missing interactions. Wondering if you are seeing something unexpected!


Excluding from Users


Excluding from Paths