Feature Request: Better date range filters (Month to date, Quarter to date)

  • 10 August 2022
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It would make it much easier if Heap could filter date ranges based on relatively time in month or quarter.


E.g. instead of just “Last 30 days”, a “Month to date” and “Quarter to date” would be useful.


Best answer by Adam Muir 19 August 2022, 18:25

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2 replies


Hey Trevin,


Adam from the Solutions team here.


It is possible to filter your analysis based on these time ranges. As an example, “Month to date” can be achieved using “Date to Now”, by selecting the first day of the month:



However, I’m happy to raise making “Month to date” and “Quarter to date” selections available in this dropdown with our Product team.


Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to add!

@Adam Muir - is there a way to select dates dynamically e.g. 7 days ago, 14 days ago?


For example, I want to be able to create a segment of users who were first seen >=7 days ago.