Feature request: Dashboard default filters

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It should be possible to specify the default filters applied to a dashboard without the use of query string parameters.

For example, imagine I have 10 reports on a dashboard and each report, when they were originally created, shows the Past 7 days.   If I have a dashboard that wants to use all 10 reports and have a default view of Past 30 days, i only have 2 choices:

  1. Update each of the 10 reports to be a default 30 day window.  
  2. Tell everyone to make sure they apply the date filter on the dashboard every time they view it, OR bookmark the query with the query string params that set the filters.


#1 is not only painful, but also doesn’t work well when the reports by themselves could still be useful to default to 7 days but in a given dashboard we want a different default.


#2 is just bad in general because it means no one can interactively use heap to find a dashboard and get a good default view.


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Hey Trevin!

Justin from the Heap PM team here, Thanks so much for your feedback! I’m happy to let you know that we are working on an overhaul of dashboards for Q3 of this year that will focus specifically on making dashboards much more useable and glanceable. We are currently evaluating a solution to handle the specific you case you mentioned as well! Although it is a bit further off, I can definitely add your account to the Beta when it does launch. If you have any other questions or concerns that I could help you with in relation to Dashboards or Charts feel free to reach out to me at 


Looking forward to having the ability to apply specific filters to dashboards by default. Then the same dashboard design can be used across products within a project, automatically filtered by domain. Easy to do and makes me look smart :^)


Bump this request, definitely critical to reporting!

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Agreed, this would be very helpful!

+1, we need this too!

This is a critical feature - any update on timelines?