Feature Request: "Last Week" time range

  • 10 October 2022
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Currently we have time range filter of “Last 7 days” but commonly, I want an easier way to see “Last Week” regardless of the day of the week it is.

A common report I want to run is some conversion reports of last week’s data, and compare to the prior week.  Choosing a date range is cumbersome and “Last 7 days” isn’t correct unless I’m looking at the report exactly on the last day of the week.  More so, many companies may have different reporting weeks… for example for us, we do not use calendar weeks, our reporting period is Monday to Sunday (long story, don’t ask).

Specific example where this doesn’t work is say on a Monday, I’m looking at performance data for the previous week.  I can’t have a saved report that just says “Last week”. 

If heap did have this, I could have a report with time range of “Last week” and compare it to “Previous week” which would be 2 weeks ago. 

2 replies

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Would love to have rolling week and month date ranges.  If I can group by week/month already, I’m not sure why rolling week/month date ranges aren’t available.  (Hide incomplete time periods is not the same thing)

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Thank you both! This is great feedback, and I’ve submitted a product request on your behalf.