Feature request: Smarter filtering of properties in drop downs

  • 27 August 2022
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We constantly struggle with search filtering in “group by” dropdowns on reports due to how Heap does filtering.

The issue for us is that we have a property called “Program” and also have event definitions with “Program” in the name.

For example, we have one event called Program > Sign Up > Complete > Any to represent a sign up completion in any of our 5 programs.


However, if I search the dropdown to find the “program” property, it filters the EVENT NAME too and shows me all of it’s properties. This is useless in this case and actually makes me wonder how many people search this dropdown by event name vs the property name. For us, we never expect or want to search by event name when filtering an event’s properties


With currently behavior, I have to scroll this full list to find the property and it’s so frustrating because the filtering essentially does not help.




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Hi Trevin! Rae from the Solutions Team here! Thank you for your excellent feedback! I would be happy to forward this to our product team to take a look at down the road!