Feature Request: When Comparing users, add ability to customize the group namea

  • 6 October 2022
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When you create reports that compare user groups (e..g users that have done Event X vs users that have not done Event X), you should be able to customize the name of the groups to be more understandable by a broader audience.


Today, you can only customize the event names in reports (which I love!). However this needs to be extended to group names. Otherwise you end up with stuff like this which is very unhelpful for various stakeholders (basically anyone who didn’t create the report or understands our heap events more intimately):



1 reply

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Hey @Trevin , you can actually do this today in Graphs by clicking the pencil icon when you hover over the group name (lower left of the screenshot below). We hope to have this functionality in other modules (like Funnel which is where I think your screenshot is from) in the next few months!

Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.