Granting limited permissions to users

  • 27 October 2022
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Hello dear community, 

Is there a way to grant limited permissions to platform users? We’re working with a partner, and I’d like to grant the partner’s users limited permissions to a specific user segment only, so they won’t have access to all of our users data. 

Thanks for your help! 

3 replies

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Hi @Gila - 

You can’t limit access for a specific segment if it's in the same project as the rest of the data. You can read more about setting permissions on projects here

Thanks @davetee !
I understand these permissions.
So, I’d like to try something else - this partner is interested in a specific user segment that logs in to an instance of our platform - - can we install another Heap account on that specific platform instance, so we’ll be able to collect users data on this instance only? 
The end result will be that we’ll keep our main Heap account that tracks data of all our users and another Heap account that collects data for this specific instance only and we’ll be able to grant permissions for our partners on this account

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Hi @Gila - I checked with our engineers. You can't send events to 2 app ids in a single page. If you are are able to detect what segment is loading the site before loading the heap snippet, then in theory, you could load a different environment snippet based on that segment which would route traffic for the duration of that pageview to the desired environment.  


Updated 3:44pm Pacific - 

A colleague pointed out that you can send events from one part of your site to one Heap project, and you can send events from other parts of your site to another project using the App ID associated with each project. You don’t need to create a separate account to do this - only an additional Project


DM me if you want to discuss more details. I’d be glad to gather more facts to take to our team.