Heap down

  • 24 August 2022
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Heap seems to be down? It seems to be infinitely loading ...


Best answer by dlad 26 August 2022, 23:17

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5 replies

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FWIW Heap isn’t down anymore :)

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Yeah it definitely was down though and Heap Status didn’t reflect this. 

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Hi Evelyn,

You are correct our Status report shows nothing on the 24th. We did log a very brief but noticeable performance degradation around 10:40a to 10:50a ET that day where queries would take up to 5 minutes to return. Did you experience infinite loading around that time? If so, that would explain it, and this would have been right on the edge of whether or not to post to the status page. On a personal note, I’d say anything that takes over 2-3 minutes to load may as well be infinite. Sorry for the app hiccup and any disruption to you or your team’s workflows this may have caused. If this wasn’t what you experienced, can you share more detail? Thank you!

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Hi, thx for your reply. That was probably it, the window seemed longer but that might have been stress talking - was presenting insights to stakeholders :( 

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So sorry about that @Evelyn!