Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - August, 2022

  • 23 August 2022
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Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - August, 2022
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Check out this 1 min M&M Product Highlights video to learn Heap's newest and greatest features this month! See these in action in your Heap app!

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M&M’s are Monthly updates & in a Minute - 1 minute long videos that show you the top product updates from the Heap team!  (And meet the Heap dogs!)

Transcript below:

This August, we celebrate an incredible number of updates in the same month as Black Cat Appreciation Day, National Hot and Spicy Food Day AND (RIP) Pluto Demoted Day.


Analysis Updates


  • [GA] Chart templates - New to Heap? Heap superuser? Designed for all Heap ages to help get you insights fast! If you have a question, chart templates can help you easily breeze through the app to find you the answer by filling out a quick few key pieces of information

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  • [GA] Defined Properties merger: Conditional and Formula properties are now a single defined property. You can utilize them together to create defined properties. 

  • [Beta] Funnel Suggestions: Get started quickly in the app by seeing a set of Heap-detected funnels which explores your customers’ common paths on your site


App Visual Updates! (How many do you see?)


  • Navigational change!

    • [Beta] Megatabs - When you click Analyze, you’ll now be taken directly to graph chart and the different analysis options will live in megatabs above your current query. We’re aiming to make it easier to navigate between different analysis.

    • Chart Templates - With this release, we’re making it part of the “Chart Actions” dropdown in the top navigation bar! 

    • Environment switcher is now on the bottom of the left side navigation bar!

  • Terminology changes - As you know, we’re making our in-app terminology more intuitive!

    • "Plays" are now "Templates" 

    • "Playbooks" are now "Dashboard Templates"

  • Table Visualizations - We’ve simplified breakdowns of groupbys to make it easier to read the data

    • New sparkline to see trends

    • Mini bar graphs at the end of the table


Customizations in App!


[GA] The new customization panel allows you to edit names and labels in the following places:

  • Bar & Line Charts - label and axes names

  • Donut Charts - label names

  • Funnel Step - funnel step names


Ease of Use!


  • [GA] Heap Sampler - Ever want to explore Heap but you don’t have enough data yet? No worries! We’ve created previews of what each feature does and look like for you to get an idea of what you could see once data is collected!

  • [GA] Explore Events - Now you can go to the Explore Events tab to easily find the most common actions on specific pages without defining any events! See which actions are occurring frequently on the site, choose to define the event for future analysis, and jump into analyzing that event – all from the same experience.




  • Heap Connect now supports Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in us-central1 region!

  • New GA this month:

    • Braze (Bi-directional)

    • Klaviyo (Data-out)

    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Data-out)

    • Eloqua (Bi-directional)


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All the new stuff is great, but we’re loving the Customizations!

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Thanks @hkirsch! We’re super excited about them too :)  What a small but mighty change!