Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - November 2022

  • 23 November 2022
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Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - November 2022
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M&M’s are Monthly updates & in a Minute - 1 minute long videos that show you the top product updates from the Heap team!  (And meet the Heap cats 🐈!)

This November, we are grateful to share an incredible number of updates in the same month as Thanksgiving (US) and Clean Your Fridge Day!! 


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App Updates

  • [GA] Journeys - Newest Analysis Feature that allows you to review your users happy and unhappy paths within a complex workflow.
  • [GA] Viewing definitions - View definitions of events and properties from anywhere! Click the details button and a right panel will slide out showing you the details of that event or property.
  • [GA] Analysis notifications - Get a notification on your Heap app when your query is complete or help you easily retrieve your last query.
  • [GA] Language updates - Search any definition or chart with any unicode character! (More languages supported!)
  • [GA] Dashboard View - 
    • Dashboards now have uniform views to All Charts and Definitions making it easy to review metadata as well as filter for specific dashboards.
    • Dashboards are more intuitive to create now with our dashboard template previews!
  • [Experience in December] New Overview Page - New users might see a new overview page guiding them through how to get started with their data in Heap!
  • [Beta] Users & Sessions View - See the updated user’s view in December with better filters, session replay and session displays
  • [Beta] Graph Tabs - See the updated graph builder and graph tabs in December that make it easier to build and to analyze your data.

App Privacy and Security Controls

  • [GA] Settings page - You can now clearly manage your personal setting separately from your account settings.
  • [GA] URL allowlist & blocklist to control what websites and/or pages data is collected from
  • [GA] HTML data attribute redaction to ensure sensitive data is not collected
  • [GA] IP Address Redaction to prevent the capture of user IP addresses for privacy
  • [GA] Geolocation Redaction to prevent identifying a user’s general location for privacy
  • [GA] Audit Logs provide detailed list of activities users take within the Heap app so you can be sure of who is doing what with your data

Integrations Update

  • [GA] Heap Connect Update
    • You now can sync defined properties to Snowflake and BigQuery!
  • [GA] Integrations Update
    • Setting up an integration is easier now with the ability to directly contact your account admin for permission and access

Session Replay Updates [GA End of Month]

  • Updated CTA button in Event Definition for ease of access and viewing
  • Updated Player
  • Full Screen capabilities
  • Directly access the URL of the page of your user
  • Quickly view user info (User ID, properties, timestamp…etc)
  • Javascript errors viewable in the events list
  • Search through all events and errors with in the replay


*See here for more details in which plans these features live. https://www.heap.io/pricing 

**Interested in a beta? Check with your account manager or comment below and we’ll get you connected to the right Heaple!

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