Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - October, 2022

  • 1 November 2022
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Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - October, 2022
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M&M’s are Monthly updates & in a Minute - 1 minute long videos that show you the top product updates from the Heap team!  (And meet the Heap cats 🐈!)


This October, we celebrate an incredible number of updates in the same month as Halloween and Spread the Joy day!🎃

Transcript below:


Analysis Updates

  • Retention Rate graph (retention rate over time) is now available!

  • Better filters:

    • Now include "greater than or equal to" AND "less than or equal to"

    • Now allow for comparison of app version numbers!

  • [Beta] Journeys: Our newest analysis module to help you understand non-linear customer workflows! 

    • (ie. "When there are multiple paths to our conversion event, which path is the most common? or converts the best?"

App Privacy and Security Controls

  • [Beta] URL allowlist & blocklist to control what websites and/or pages data is collected from

  • [Beta] HTML data attribute redaction to ensure sensitive data is not collected

  • [Beta] IP Address Redaction to prevent the capture of user IP addresses for privacy

  • [Beta] Geolocation Redaction to prevent identifying a user’s general location for privacy

  • [GA] Audit Logs provide detailed list of activities users take within the Heap app so you can be sure of who is doing what with your data

App Visual Updates! (How many do you see?)

  • Navigational change!

    • [GA] Megatabs - When you click Analyze, you’ll now be taken directly to graph chart and the different analysis options will live in megatabs above your current query. We’re aiming to make it easier to navigate between different analysis.

    • [GA] Dashboard will now have list views like all charts!

  • Terminology changes - As you know, we’re making our in-app terminology more intuitive!

    • "Graphs" are now "Usage over Time" 

    • "Users View" are now "User Sessions" (under data management)


  • Heap Connect controls now live in the Integrations Directory!

  • Enable or disable the flow of data of your integrations data with data flow toggles!

  • New GA this month:

    • Hubspot Data Out!

Illuminate with Data Science! Session Replay is playing trick-or-treat everywhere! Where have you seen Session Replay?

  • Share Session Replays direction from Funnels, Top Events, User Sessions AND Event Definitions

  • New warning if session replay viewing is blocked via ad-blocker.

  • Session Replay self-serve purchase (growth customers) and self-serve trial are available in app!

  • In order to view replays of uncommon events, we've extended the date range in event definition summary (now last 30 days vs before last 7 days)​​​​​​



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Is the Hubspot Data Out integration in GA already? I can’t see it