Hey folks, how can I get averages for certain events? Such as average number of product pages a user views? Or average time a user spends on the site before purchasing?

  • 29 August 2022
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Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks.


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Hi Matty, 

If you want to see the average time between two events (for instance session and order confirmation) you can run the following query, using the “Average Time Between” graph:

If you want to see the average of any event, you can run the query and see the number in the table below:

I hope it help :)

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The average shown in the prior post is the average number of unique viewers of a webpage in the past 7 days. If you're looking to analyze the average number of times users view the page, you will need to divide total # of pageviews by # of unique users. If you're looking to analyze average number of pages a user views, you'd have to add another parameter, like per session. Heap Connect provides queries to analyze things like Average Events per Session. I'm not sure if you can calculate that in Heap.