How can i customise the colour of % change on a metric card chart that shows time between events

  • 24 November 2022
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I created a metric card chart to analize the time between 2 events. 

When I group it by day for the past 30 days, I also get an indication for the change in the number at the bottom. 

For example: 58 minutes which are 27% less

The colour in which this text is shown depends on the % of change. if it’s less  - it shows in orange or red, if it’s more it’s shown in green. 


Now, my goal is to reduce the time it takes to perform this task so for me - if it’s less time, it should be shown in green, if it’s more time - in Orange or red. 

How can I configure this? is there a way to customise the color of the text indicating the change in percentage? 



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Hi Yaron, there is no option currently available in Heap to change the color of that text. You do bring up a good point. An increase in time could be considered positive or negative, depending on what the expectation is. If you’re tracking a blog or vacation website, you may expect users to stay on a page longer. If it’s a step in a wizard, you may expect users to spend less time on a page as they move from step to step in the wizard.