Is there a way to measure the number of sessions were a sequence of events was performed?

  • 25 April 2023
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Hi community,

Our team is looking for a way to measure the % of sessions in which a sequence of events occurred (or even just several events in the same session without a sequential limitation) .

We are well aware of the option to analyze this on a user basis, but it’s important for us to ask the question on a session basis.

Is there any way to run such query?





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I wanted to share that while it is not possible to view metrics on the number of sessions with a sequence of events or occurrence of multiple events in the same session within the Heap UI, there is a solution available. By using Heap Connect, you can access Heap's data in your data warehouse and run a query to get the percentage of sessions where the desired sequence of events has occurred.

To know more about Heap connect use this link:

I hope this helps!

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Bhupender is absolutely right, that is the best and most accurate method if you want a count of total sessions in which a sequence or collection of events occurs, but just in case you are just looking to limit analysis to a single session, that is an option unique to Funnels and Journeys in the date range “Grouped By” selection. Also adding in case future people have a similar wording but haven’t discovered these options!

Funnel and Journey completion time bounding selections