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I feel like this should be an easy one but haven’t found anything in the docs. Possibly just looking in the wrong place.   I would like to create a link to a user in the users and sessions section based on the users identity.  Is there some type of parameters I can use to link directly to that.    


What I would like to use it for is in our admin dashboard make it so that customer support can click on a link that takes them directly to that users session so that they can see how they used the app.  


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Right now, a direct link to a filtered user view is not possible, primarily because a public URL Parameter containing a users identity value would be a PII leak risk. However, if you are using Session Replay, you can link to a replay of a user’s session, and then from there it is one click to view that user’s list of sessions from the replay, that may be close enough to what you are looking for? Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply.  I will check it out