My funnel data does not match metric cards

  • 11 May 2023
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Hi everyone! I’m having a problem where my funnel data is not matching the same data when isolated by individual events. Example (images below): the number of completed sign ups I have in the funnel view is 0 but when I filter for the metric just with a metric card, I have 2. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this?



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When analyzing a multi-step funnel, it's important to note that it only counts users who have completed those events in a specific sequence within the selected time frame. In your first case, it appears that there were no users who completed the signup process by following all the steps in the given sequence during the specified time frame. In contrast, in the second case, all users who completed the signup process within the given time frame were counted regardless of whether they completed all the steps in the sequence or not , also, it will include users who started the initial steps previous day and completed the signup today, who are not be counted in first case.

To verify this, you may use journey charts to explore alternative paths, or you can examine the graph with a higher degree of granularity, such as hourly.

I hope this information is helpful!