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  • 26 May 2023
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I’m wondering if there’s a way do narrow down a chart to a specific page on our site, and be able to see all events that occurred on a single page or a group of pages.  

This would be similar to event labels that Universal Analytics has and something that GA4 does NOT have. 


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Thanks for posting on the Heap community! That’s a great question.

The best way to do this in Heap would be to create a generic defined event for each kind of interaction you want to include—for example, a generic “Click” event, a generic “Change” event, and a generic “Submit” event.


From there, you can create a combo event composed of those generic events. You could call it “Any On-Page Interaction”, for example:

Finally, you can create a report that counts “Any On-Page Interaction” events for a given range of time, with a Filter for the specific Path of the page you want to count events for. This will give you a count of all interaction events on a specific page.

I hope that meets your needs!