Possible to prevent logging data from city?

  • 22 May 2023
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Ashburn, Virginia is the source of 90% of our spam/bot traffic, so much that analytics are unusably skewed without filtering it out. Is there a method to stop logging all traffic from this city? It comes from too many IPs to block one-by-one at the IP level.

I understand this is a crude method and will block some real traffic from being measured, but that’s fine with me.


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Thanks for posting! Heap doesn’t currently support blocking all traffic from a specific physical location, though I’ll be sure to pass that suggestion along to our product team for consideration.

Are there any other common data points about the spam traffic you’re seeing that could be used to identify it? You mentioned that there are too many IPs, so it sounds like even wildcard-blocking entire blocks of IP addresses (which is supported) may not be super practical.

If that’s the case, are there other common elements like the value of the Browser property that could be used to identify the traffic? One potential partial workaround would be to create a segment based on an identifiable common property like this and exclude that segment from your analyses. While this doesn’t immediately solve the underlying issue of unwanted bot sessions, it might offer a way to clean your data up in the short term until the bot traffic can be blocked completely.