Tracking the percentage of converting users that complete an action

  • 18 October 2022
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Hi All,


This feels like a really basic question, but I can’t work it out 🤷🏼

I want a report that tracks the percentage of users that completed an event as part of their conversion journey (eg. % users that clicked a link prior to purchasing).

I know I can create a count of users that convert and group results by ‘Users have done’, but this is a count and not a percentage.

Any help appreciated.


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5 replies

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Heap makes this very easy to do!   Instead of doing Count, choose the Conversion Rate Between in the Graph option and then select the two events.  You can trend over time or just look at the overall number.   You can also break this out by certain key audiences (source traffic, device type, etc) to compare performance in the Group By section.   Here is the link in Heap Resources with more details.  


Sadly, that doesn’t give me what I need as results will driven by that first event. For example, a conversion report will say “18% of the 1000 users clicking the link went on to purchase”.

What I want is “Of the 100 users purchasing, 70% clicked the link, 30% did not”.

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Make Two Segments - One for those that Did the First event and one that Did Not Do First Event.  Make a Donut Chart with the two segments with the count of the conversion event.    This will show the percentage contribution of the First Event.


Thanks, but I was hoping to track it over time. 

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Hey Howard, 

Would an approach like this do the trick?