Understand average time-taken on Journeys

  • 18 April 2023
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I’d like to be able to leverage Journeys to understand average time taken between steps as illustrated in a Journey.  I am able to map Journeys, and separately setup a bunch of average time-taken stats between specific events.  Boy, it would be marvelous if I could visualize both on the same view!


How can I go about thinking through this need?




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Heap Journey charts do not have this feature to show the average time between the steps right now, but this is a great feature request. Hope, Heap can work on it.

Meanwhile, sharing what I do to understand the avergae time for the paths. I create Funnel for a particular path from the Journey and look at the “Time Engaged” Metric there, this is not mean but the median of the time spent by the users between the two steps of the funnel. And, in this way I can see the time spent between each steps in a single chart. Drawback for this is, we have to create funnel for each path in the Journey. (Hence, a great feature request).

Median is actually better for my use case as it actually minimizes the effect of outliers (users having a long inactive gap between the two events, which could increase the average time)

Elaborating the functionality of the “Time Engaged” metric, for your understanding:
“Time Engaged” is a metric that measures how long a user interacted with your product between different steps. In order to get a more accurate representation of the time spent engaging with your product, Heap excludes "disengaged" time when the user is not actively interacting with it. To do this, Heap assumes that a user is only "engaged" if they performed some kind of interaction in the last 60 seconds. This helps Heap to better understand how much time a user is actively engaged with your product and can help to identify areas of friction or inefficiency.


You can find the Time Engaged Metric under the Effort Analysis Section on a Funnel