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  • 14 December 2022
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Is the Users sessions view/chart type being deprecated? I can’t find any documentation on it, as all documentation leads to the new Users & Sessions view which is not quite the same.

I’m referring to this view:

It used to be possible to save this view as a chart, then send it as an emailed report, but this doesn’t seem possible any longer. I do still see the prompt for “Save this chart to share it”, but I can’t seem to find the “Save” option (usually it shows in the same chart actions dropdown).

When I access old charts of this type, I see this message:

but whether I use a segment or not - the result is the same.



Best answer by connie 22 December 2022, 17:27

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5 replies

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Hello! We are eventually deprecating this view. That will happen early next year, but for now you can access the old docs here: (password: usersessions)

Unfortunately, you are right and the users query is no longer considered a chart type. That means you can’t save and email it. You can still save the users query as a segment and revisit the results by using the “users who are in segment” filter.

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Thanks for the answer Connie!

Is there another way to get a scheduled email report of users that is available now or planned to replace this?

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One way you can do this is create a graph chart and group by email (or user identity). Then, you can schedule an email delivery of that chart.


@connie Some customer feedback for you - I found the users list from Heap extremely useful. Grouping by email seems like a poor substitute. I’m really disappointed this is being deprecated. 

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I strongly agree with @Pete-phq