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Is there a way to view a list of all the account properties that is comparable to how the user analysis is presented? My developer was asking for an easy way to quickly validate enabling the Account Properties API. The best I could come up with was creating a report that groups by the account properties but I am limited to 4. 



Best answer by mmoeholman 20 May 2022, 19:45

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Yes. If you go to definitions-> properties you can see all account properties (and all other properties)


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Thank you but I was hoping to be able to see the properties with values in a nicely ordered list like you get with the User Analysis so it would be easier to validate whether the expected values were being pulled in. 

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@DaniB That’s a totally reasonable expectation, but something we don’t currently expose in the users module.

A couple notes:

  1. Not sure if you clicked into any of those properties @mmoeholman showed you, but you will see the top 5 values if you just want to validate that they are in fact getting ingested. 
  2. I would have initially recommended what you already did, querying the properties. Perhaps add a filter for a specific user o accounts that you know you’re targeting with the API, and then group by identity (or some user identifier that will help you validate that user A in account B is getting the right properties) and select 3 account properties. If 3 are working, there’s a good chance the rest are, too. If you want to confirm, switch out the account properties and run another query, etc. 

It’s all a bit manual but it’s the best option. 

I’ve filed a product request for you. It would be quite ideal to have these properties added alongside the User cards to make it easy to assess in place!