Visual Labeling Not Working (Even Though Snippet Works)

  • 6 May 2023
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As the title suggest, it fails to load even though the snippet is properly tracking the website with no issues. 



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Hi there,

If you are experiencing issues with Visual Labeling initialization failure, some of the common reasons could be:

  1. Ad blocker is being used, preventing Heap from loading the necessary JavaScript files.
  2. Blocking third-party cookies in the browser is preventing Heap's JavaScript from loading.
  3. Incognito tabs in Chrome block third-party cookies by default, which always prevents visual labeling from loading.
  4. Using an internal firewall is preventing Heap's JavaScript from loading.
  5. Some content blockers are preventing cookies from being sent to the server, regardless of whether the blocker is blocking Heap directly or not.
  6. Heap snippet is not installed directly on the page just before the </head> tag. If the snippet is loaded in the <body>, it's possible that the snippet isn't getting loaded before visual labeling times out.
  7. Using Cloudflare can cause issues as it tries to load JavaScript with Rocketscript, which compresses, concatenates, and defers any JavaScript on your web pages.
  8. Content Security Policy (CSP) is blocking visual labeling, which causes errors in the developer console saying that the browser refused to load the script because it violates the following CSP directive.
  9. Heap is not installed on the login page for the website, which can cause users to encounter their login page when trying to access visual labeling on the product.
  10. Visual labeling is only supported for the latest version of Chrome on desktop, and mobile browsers are not supported. Other desktop browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Edge, and all others, are not supported.

You may refer to this Heap document on why visual labeling might not work, to determine the specific reason for your case and find methods to solve it.

If you have tried the above solutions and visual labeling still does not work, you may contact Heap’s support via the "Get Support" section on your Heap account.

Use the “Get Support” Section to reach out to Heap

Hope this helps!