Why not create a new environment instead of a new project for a different website of my organization?

  • 10 May 2023
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When I try to create a new environment, I see a list of recommendations form Heap on when and when not to create a new environment (PFA). I am interested to know why the recommendation is against creating a new environment for a completely different website. One reason I could think of is that the dashboards are shared across different environments of a project and we might want different dashboards for different projects. But other than this, would there be any issues in creating different environments for different websites?


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If you have products or systems that are completely unrelated to each other, it is recommended to set up multiple projects to keep your datasets, including definitions, team member permissions, reports, etc., entirely separate. This not only helps to keep your data structured on the Heap UI but also ensures smooth data-out and data-in integrations with third-party tools.

It is not just the dashboards that will be affected by having multiple unrelated products in the same project, but also the definitions. Different websites will have completely different builds, including CSS, making it difficult to separate out these definitions such as Events, Properties, and Segments in the same project with multiple environments.

It is considered a best practice of data governance in Heap to keep products (websites, or apps) that do not share design or user footfall and do not require inter-related analysis in different projects.

I hope this helps!