Workshop Wednesday | Boost retention with account-based analysis

  • 17 April 2024
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User-level insights are valuable, but being able to tie those individual behaviors back to account-level metrics is crucial for improving retention. This Workshop Wednesday will spotlight the transformative power of account-based analysis for informed decision-making. Discover how to harness account-level data for a competitive edge. We’ll dive into:


  • Importing account data: Master the basics of integrating account data into Heap.
  • Regular account actions: Identify consistent behaviors across accounts to inform your retention strategy.
  • Churn risk detection: Learn methods to pinpoint and engage accounts at risk of churn due to inactivity.
  • Feature investment: Detect and develop underused features to elevate account engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


Watch this recording to elevate your retention strategy with the nuanced understanding that account-based analysis provides.


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