How do page view events get identified?

  • 10 January 2023
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Hello there,
It seems that there are duplicate page view events and definitions firing as we navigate to different pages within our site.
To get to the root cause of the duplicate page view events, we'd like to learn more about how page view events are identified on Heap.
For example, are page view events detected via a URL change or when a load event (or any other event) is fired on the window?
We'd like more detail on how these page view events are triggered and what goes on in the background to have them identified within Heap.
Thank you.


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Hello Judy,

Great question!  The pageview event is fired whenever a pushState for the URL has occurred. You can read more about pushStates here but it’s primarily when the URL changes. This means if the Hash parameters change, query parameters change or any portion of the URL will count as a new pageview.  

Let me know if that helps!