iOS Visual Labeling not working with Flutter setup

  • 27 September 2023
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My engineer has installed heap using Flutter Bridge 


When trying to launch iOS visual labeling, the QR code has no data, and the 4 finger method doesn’t work either. Nothing happens at all in either case.


The tool recommends adding the Heap SDK with Swift Package Manager, but my engineer has advised that, because of our setup on Flutter, we have to use Flutter Bridge.


Is there a way to make this work? Or is there something I can direct my engineer to do to overcome the issue? Or perhaps there’s something simple that I’m missing. 


Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Hi Cody,

Thanks for posting. The Visual Labeler does not yet support the newest versions of the iOS SDK, and I will not work with Flutter since autocapture is not supported for Flutter. I’m putting in a feature request on your behalf for Flutter VL compatibility. In the meantime, the best practice is to instrument custom event capture with heap.track() API, and use Live View to see only your event data flow in real time. Once you perform an action in the app, look at the data that comes into Heap.