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Hello and welcome to the Heap Community! I’m @davetee -  Heap’s Community Manager.

The Community is the place to ask questions, share ideas and connect with Heap users. Everyone is invited, from seasoned experts to brand new users. You’ll find great conversations with product leaders, data analysts, designers, marketers and customer success managers that all share a common goal - creating amazing customer experiences in their products.

Take a moment to introduce yourself

  • What is your role and in which industry do you work?
  • What would you like to gain from the Community?
  • What would you like to share with the Community?

I’ll start


I’m Dave. I’ve worked for a number of technology companies (and now Heap!) creating platforms that help people share ideas and connect with others. I want to help Heap users get answers to their questions and create a place to discuss new approaches to product innovation and product strategy. I have experience deploying and managing communities, learning management systems, and knowledge bases. I’ll be sharing my ideas on how Heap analysis on these platforms can improve the customer experience. That’s in addition to all the other community members sharing their Heap experience.


Your turn!

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Hello everyone!
I’m Bianca. I’m the Digital Content Manager for Oracle’s Aconex Support Central (docs, training, and support for the construction software). The software is used globally so analytics help give voice to the customer. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia but also from Seattle, USA. I’ve worked with tech and non-profit orgs in both places, helping them tell their stories. 

What do I want to share? I’m new to Heap so actually joined to learn from others. I’m sure as I learn then I’ll have more to meaningfully contribute. 

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Hi! My name is Alli, I work in data for Purple Carrot, a meal kit company so we use Heap to analyze our ecomm site. I’m excited to learn more about how others use Heap in order to get as much out of the tool as possible. We’ve been using Heap for a few years but with the new features being released all the time, I know there’s tons we could be doing - excited to get that inspo! I’ll share whatever I can about how we’ve used Heap to help others troubleshoot and brainstorm.

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Hey everyone! 

My name is Jonathan Archer and I’m currently a Sr. Success Architect at Heap. I’m a 6 year Heap veteran and have worked in various customer-facing technical roles. I was a founding member of our Solutions Engineering team (I joined when our entire post-sale organization was 4 people!); I laid the foundations for our Professional Services implementation practice as our first Solutions Architect; and now I work closely with our Enterprise and Strategic customers to realize value and drive success with data. 

I’m looking forward to learning from our amazing community of data practitioners and helping to answer your questions!


Hi Everyone 🙋‍♀️

My name is Sarika Karanwal. I joined Heap late last year and manage services delivered by our solution partners.

In case you are wondering 🤔 “What are solution partners?” I can help explain. Basically, our solutions partners are agencies that are experts in the data analytics space and have broad domain knowledge. They offer strategic guidance and resources to build out analytics for our clients. You see, our goal is to help our users capture and leverage their data to the fullest potential, not only in Heap but outside Heap as well. So when I see a client or prospect struggling with lack of resources or expertise, I come to the rescue to find a right partner match. 🦸‍♀️

I am so excited to see this community platform and the different flavors of engagements. I will be curious to learn what are the challenges our users are facing in leveraging Heap to the fullest and in what capacity I can help.


Its great to see a Heap Community!  Looking forward to helping each other out!  

I’m Rob Hatch - Senior Product Manager at Skuid.  We are a Low Code UX toolkit that helps companies redesign experiences provided by various enterprise software tools (which are often painful)  to promote adoption, ease of use,  and efficiency within the business processes these tools provide.   If you’ve ever dreaded using Salesforce,  we know your pain. 

We use Heap to analyze the work our customers do building new pages and working within other aspects of our product.  Heap has been great, but I’m always thinking we could use it better. I’d love to connect with others in this community who are using Heap to measure the following:
1.  B2B products. 
2.  Tools or Platforms (rather than a solution to a single use case or business problem)
3.  Products deployed inside Salesforce as managed packages. 
Would love to talk about these… 



I’m Chandler, I’m a product director at Heap! I work with our Growth and Data Ecosystems groups and am so excited to meet everyone. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary at Heap!! I’ve always loved data and product-led growth, and before Heap I worked at PagerDuty and Asana, two primarily product led growth companies. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s tips/and tricks and helping out with any data and growth questions. 

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Hi Heaple!  I am the Director for our Strategic Customer Success team who are all deeply invested in your success. Thrilled to be part of our community and hear what we are doing well and what we can do even better to support you - so that we can refine the way in which we engage and support you, improve our product to meet your needs, and inspire others within your orgs to share in your passion and appreciation for the value of data and insights!

Hi Heap Community! I’m Ben. I’ve been a head of product at some early stage start-ups and technical product manager at some later stage companies. I am currently between jobs and looking for opportunities.  I was previously a software engineer for 15 years doing front-end and middleware mostly.  I’ve used heap at several of the companies I worked for and found it to be a really powerful tool for our QA, Support and engineering teams. Happy to be here, and also happy to support @davetee ! My homie :).



Hello, I’m Alan, a Product Manager at Shop-Ware. We’re the automotive repair industry’s premier SaaS platform for shop management. And the only role where my research into the user journey has gotten engine oil on my hands. My biggest data challenge: tying user engagement and events to final outcomes, especially when interactions happen between multiple internal and external users in multiple sessions. We’re starting to find out how, and happy to exchange ideas.

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Hi Heap Community! 

I’m Teresa, a brand new Heaple joining Heap’s education and engagement team. I’ll be working to  optimize our onboarding experience and drive adoption of Heap.

I’m very much looking forward to broadening my understanding of Heap, meeting members of the community, learning about how you’re using Heap to answer your business questions and solve problems, and sharing ideas for change to see what you think. I’m excited for this community’s possibilities and to watch it grow!



Good morning community. 

I am Graham, live in the UK, work for a Spanish-based company as Head of Product & ProdOps, during the day. My alter-ego is as Founder of the Product Mind Community - a dedicated place for product professionals to be safe and comfortable to talk, laugh, cry, get support and not feel alone, with their mental health & wellbeing. It was actually @davetee who invited myself and my co-founder to the community, so am very pleased to be here.

I talk (a lot!) about MHW and would value any conversation with anyone on the subject!

Have a great day everyone



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Hi all,

I am a Data Analyst at Clearcover - an insurance technology company (insuretech if you’re feeling fancy).

I’d love to learn from the community behavioral-based market segments based on Heap data. For example, within insurance we categorize each customer based on demographic details like age, credit, and location. I’d like to do something similar, but instead of demographic data, it would be interaction-based data. 

What would I like to share with the community? The dankest data memes




Hi, I’m Sarah and I work in Customer Engagement.

I’ve also been tasked with maximising our use of Heap which is a big learning experience for me. I am sure to have lots of questions and queries!


Hi Heap Community!

My name is Daniel Gutierrez and I’m a Data Analyst at Alo Yoga. Previously at Salesforce, so I’m very familiar the impact that a community like this holds. I’m brand new to Heap so I’ve been taking Learning Paths, joining Workshops, and poking around within the platform itself. My current goal is to audit/clean-up Alo’s workspace as it seems a bit cluttered. As an analyst, I’m a firm believe in data governance and can’t move forward without building trust in our data. 

If anyone has previous experience with auditing or clean-up please feel free to reach out - I’m always looking for guidance! 


Looking forward to collaborating with you all soon!

Hello Everyone!

I am Roshni Sharma a Digital Marketing executive. Thanks to make me the part of this community!